Cryogenic Centrifugal Pumps for Industrial Gases


DVM Series

DVM 185-2S
Model Power installed (Motor frame) Max operating speed (90Hz) Max suction pressure Max allowable working pressure Max Head Max flow-rate Weight
Series pump Pm [kW] RPM P [bar] MAWP [bar] DH [m] Q [lpm] W [Kg]
DVM 185-2S 11 – 15 - 18,5 - 22 (160L) / 30 - 37 (180L) 5200 5 35 280 520 325 (160L) / 440 (180L)
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Features & Information.

  • Available in single stage or multistage configuration
  • Electric motor with direct transmission
  • Piloted by variable frequency drive for different speeds and operating points
  • Cartridge labyrinth gas seal (single or double type)
  • Low sealing gas consumption required
  • Purged bearing grease retaining chamber
  • Purged warm box
  • Composite insulating flange
  • Inducer to minimize required NPSH
  • Low noise emission (< 80 dB)
  • PT100 for monitoring the motor front bearing temperature
  • Front motor bearing heating belt
  • Suction filter
  • Suction and discharge flexible hoses
  • Continuous processes with industrial gases
  • Air separation units (ASU)
  • Recycling
  • Liquid transfer between storage tanks
  • Process and backup operations
  • Dimensional control of each mechanical component before assembly
  • Running test of each pump with LIN before delivery
Designed according to:
  • European Directive
  • EIGA/IGC/CGA guidelines

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